Die Kaplyn – Bok van Blerk

'Die Kaplyn' (the cut line). A nostalgic music video which gets to many of the veterans here every-time, primarily as it's an opinion held by nearly every veteran who served at this time, especially the National Servicemen and Bok van Blerk drives to the heart of it. However, contrary to the sense of loss of youth and misunderstanding in the context of the time – many veterans still hold pride in service and in contrast to some beliefs – the freedoms, prosperity and peace enjoyed by South Africans today still has direct bearing on the sacrifice made by this generation – from all sides of the conflict. In the end South Africa was a relatively even sided negotiated settlement (a 'miracle' settlement as it was termed) and it did not come by been held to ransom over the barrel of a gun by communist insurgency and expansionalism – as had been the case in other neighbouring countries at the time – these men paved the way to peaceful change in South Africa and have every reason to be proud of their service.Also, the military did so much in forging strong character that has stood many in good stead to tackle life, so some would argue a youth well spent. Enjoy – Die Kaplyn – by Bok van Blerk from his CD – "Afrikaanerhart" – Copyright Bok van Blerk. Post for the South African Legion by Peter Dickens.

Posted by South African Legion on Friday, 5 September 2014