Parabat Veterans Organisation (PVO) – group

A pilot group of Parabats under the support of the Cape canopy and the redundant organisation SAPA (South African Paratroopers Organisation) held a meeting at the Parabat Reunion October 2014 to restart the SAPA nationally.

After much deliberation, it was unanimously agreed that the legacy of the redundant organisation SAPA was tainted with a negative history and that a new body called the Parabat Veterans Organisation or PVO was founded in February 2015 with one idea in mind, to unite all Parabats in the Republic and internationally under one organisation that would speak and act for all our people.

This does not imply that any of the great organisations that already exist should be abandoned, replaced or interfered with in any way.

Organisations such as SAPA – Cape Canopy, LAARSA, KZN ET el have been successful and well run but are seen to be local in their membership.

As an approved member of the CMVO (Council for Military Veterans Organisation), the PVO Group is the only officially recognised Paratrooper Veterans organisation in the Republic of South Africa, is, therefore, the sanctioned national voice of the South African Paratroopers.


To unite, assist and support Parabats and their families wherever they may find themselves, and to keep the airborne spirit alive


To identify and organize Parabats that complies with the selection criteria under a National Association, to establish a chain of command where every PVO member (Canopy/Falcon’ can operate within their own jurisdiction) abides under the broad umbrella of the Parabat Veterans Organisation (PVO)

Furthermore to strive towards establishing a bond of Parabats that will endeavour towards the achievement of common goals, inter alia promoting the interest and well-being of members by supplying a structure where the spirit of ‘belonging’ is of utmost importance.

Aims of the PVO

The PVO Enablement Fund

Essentially, the wellbeing of all Parabats and their families is our primary concern. Many of us are reaching the age where retirement and redundancy become threats to our continued welfare. Some of us have been suffering from the strain of wounds and disabilities sustained during our years as soldiers as well as suffered after our military service ended. Others have been made redundant by retrenchments or affirmative action.

All these people need help and support in their daily lives, sometimes of a temporary nature and at times ongoing.

This support is not happening to any great degree and the PVO aims to, over time, rectify this.

In support of this, the PVO registered as a Not for Profit Company (NPC) and approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) section 30 of the Income Tax Act.

The PVO is in the process of applying for section 18A(1)of the Income Tax Act,  where donations to the PVO will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Act.

Once this has been approved by SARS the PVO NPC will be able to operate as a fully audited enablement and benevolent organisation.

We have also registered a PVO Services Pty Ltd Company in order to be able to generate profits from commercial operations and feed them to the Not for Profit arm for distribution to our people in need.

Social and entertainment

Being Parabats, the social mingling of like-minded soldiers is very important to us. The monthly Canopy Meetings serve a dual purpose. An opportunity to socialize over a glass of good cheer and to conduct the essential business of that month.

These meetings have proved very popular and have become the lifeblood of the PVO with feedback being sent back to the PVO Executive for any action needed.



The inFormal social Structure of the PVO

At the inaugural meeting of the PVO at Hartebeespoort Dam in February 2015, the National Council was voted into place that would represent all the parabat members of the Canopies around the country.

Because of the geographical separation of all the council members, it is only possible to hold on average two meetings of the National Council annually.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) meets at least every quarter, but again, because of the expense to individual members and the long distances needed to travel, these meetings are kept to the bare minimum.

The Parabat Veterans Organisation (PVO) Structure

Because the PVO needs to be a few different things in different circumstances, the National Council decided to build the structure as follows:

the national council

“The National Council” means a council consisting of nominated PVO members elected by PVO paid up members as stipulated in the constitution. The National Council shall meet at least once every six months.

The National Council shall hold an annual general meeting not later than 6 (six) months after the end of each financial year (30th June), in addition to any other general meetings held during that year, and shall designate the meeting as such in the notice convening the meeting. Not more than 15 (fifteen) months shall elapse between the date of the one annual general meeting and the next.

The members of the National Council are elected at the annual general meeting. The term of office for any such National Council member will be a period of 2 (two) years, but no longer than 3 (three) consecutive terms.

the national executive committee (nec)

Members serving on the NEC must be a qualified jumper verified and under the auspices of and who underwent the curriculum of and by 1 Parachute Battalion, (Parbat).

The NEC, which shall consist of members as stipulated in PVO membership paragraph 5.1.1 (five) and elected by the National Council members to represent the PVO members:

National President (Chairman)

Vice-National President (Chairman)

National Secretary

National Treasurer

Enablement Fund Officer

National Membership Secretary

National CMVO Liaison Officer

National SANDF Liaison Officer

National Ombudsman (Discipline & Grievance Officer)

Project Officer

Events & Fundraising Officer

Memorabilia Officer

Events & Fundraising Officer

National Curator

Additional National Executive Members as stipulated in the Constitution to serve on the Executive

Powers of the national Executive council

The NEC may take on the power and authority that it believes it needs to be able to achieve the objectives that are stated in this constitution. Its activities must abide by the law and good governance.

The NEC has the power and authority to raise funds or to invite and receive contributions.

The NEC does, however, have the power to buy, hire or exchange for any property that it needs to achieve its objectives.

The NEC has the right to make by-laws for proper management, including the procedure for application, approval and termination of membership.

Members will decide on the powers and functions of office bearers.

committeEs (NEC)

Management Committee

Finance, Governance and audit committee

Fund Raising & Events Committee

CMVO & DMV Committee

Membership Committee

SANDF Liaison Committee

Communication & Social Media Committee




The following categories for membership of the PVO as listed below are fully explained in detail in the PVO constitution.

Full members (Ordinary)

Associate Members

Affiliated members including International & Country members

Life members

Honorary members

Cyber members

SANDF members (social only)

Canopies and falcons (Valks):

These social and semi-formal entities are the life of the organization. Primarily they serve a social function to get all Parabats in a regional area together on a regular basis to socialize and network.

These Canopies and Falcons (Valks) are self-standing, governed by their own Constitutions and rules, and have their own Executive.

The aim of the Canopies is to hold monthly meetings of short duration leaving plenty of time to socialize with family and friends.

Every year, an Annual General Meeting is held to discuss the finances and business of the Canopy and every second year, depending on the Canopies Constitution, new members of the Canopy Executive are chosen.

Naturally, new and young blood is essential to keep the Canopies and Falcons (Valks) moving forward and the change of guard is encouraged within the organisations

Social and entertainment

Being Parabats, the social mingling of like-minded soldiers is very important to us. The monthly Canopy Meetings serve a dual purpose. An opportunity to socialize over a glass of good cheer and to conduct the essential business of that month.

These meetings have proved very popular and have become the lifeblood of the PVO with feedback being sent back to the PVO Executive for any action needed.



The Formal Structure of the PVO

Parabat Veterans Organisation NPC – (holding Company)

The Parabat Veterans Organisation NPC, registration No – 2015/256965/08 is registered as a not-for-profit company (section 21 company), with no members.

The Parabat Veterans Organisation NPC is approved and registered by SARS as a Public Benefit organisation registration No – 930052421

MAIN OBJECTS as per the memorandum of incorporation (moi)

The main objects of the Company are to further moral, educational, and socio­ economic upliftment and development of the unemployed Parabat Veterans and their next of kin, which is important to the Republic’s future.

The objectives specifically include:

Community development for poor and needy persons and anti-poverty initiatives, including:

The promotion of community-based projects relating to self-help, empowerment, capacity building, skills development or anti-poverty;

The provision of training, support or assistance to community-based projects contemplated above;

Training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment; and

Educational enrichment, academic support, supplementary tuition or outreach programs for the poor and needy.

Establish the Enablement Fund for the use of Parabat veterans and next of kin. Out of this fund, payments will be made to assist such veterans and their families financially.

To organize social functions/events/projects and receive donations thereby raising funds for the Enablement Fund and which will strengthen the bonds of friendship, camaraderie

The NPC is applying for 18(A) certification (donations tax). The reason for this is that any funds collected or donated to the enablement fund or other approved projects will allow donors to benefit by deducting any donations from their tax payments.

To keep the incoming funds separate from the outgoing, and to ensure all is above board, the Enablement Fund will be governed by the NPC separately under a board committee and audited annually.

The NPC is run by a board of directors as prescribed in its MOI

executive SUBCOMMITTEes (Management)

Finance, Governance and audit committee

Enablement fund & vetting committee

Projects and Fund Raising Committee

Communications & social media committee

Parabat Veterans Organisation Services (Pty) Ltd

 (Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the npc)

Parabat Veterans Organisation Services (Pty) Ltd, registration No – 2015/140291/07 is the arm of the organisation that generates sufficient profits to run the administration.

This company will be the main marketing and sales company for the NPC and PVO.

Profits from the sale of Memorabilia, Apparel, the Business Forum and other enterprises will be channelled through this company, whose only shareholder is the Not for Profit Company. Any surplus funds will then be channelled to the Enablement Fund.



PVO national executive (nec) 2018-20

Office bearers

Portfolio Name
President Mike Mc Williams
Vice President & National Secretary Ken Viljoen
National Treasurer Johann Strauss
Enablement Fund & Memorabilia Officer Willoughby Brits
Membership Secretary Jannie Kotze
CMVO & DMV Liaison Officer Kobus Human
SANDF Liaison Officer Mynhardt Marais
Projects & Fund Raising Officer Johann MacAlpine
Events Officer Vacant
National Ombudsman Justus Rothman
PRO-Communications Officer Herman Palm
Curator Johan de Bruyn
Executive member Andre van Niekerk
Executive member Theo Kleinhans
Executive member Martin van Rensburg

PVO national executive (nec) co-opted Office bearers

Website Manager Vacant
Financial Manager Vacant
CMVO-DMV Benefits Manager Vacant
National Vetting Manager Vacant





Name Surname Portfolio Canopy
Krige Van Heerden Acting Chairman Pretoria
Martin Jansen v Rensburg Chairman Vrystaat Bloemfontein
Herman Palm Chairman Suikerbos
Craig Rheeders Chairman Westrand-JHB
Andre Van Niekerk Chairman Bay
Mike McWilliams Chairman Nomad Canopy
Johan McAlpine Chairman G-Coy


Name Surname Portfolio Association
Jan Joubert Stick Commander SAPA -Cape Canopy
Theo Kleinhans (Acting) Deputy Stick Commander SAPA -Cape Canopy
Chris Koen Secretary SAPA -Cape Canopy
Jaco van Vuuren Treasurer SAPA -Cape Canopy
Gavin Moultrie Chairman KZN Canopy
Kevin Rhodes Secretary KZN Canopy


Affiliated Canopy
Name Surname Portfolio Affiliation
Brandon Morris Jumpmaster LAARSA
Derek Wood Jumpmaster LAARSA -Jhb
Andrew Leece Chief Clerk LAARSA




pvo – NEC Committees

management committee

The role of the committee is to manage the association in accordance with the purposes or objects as stated in its rules.

Mike McWilliams President
Ken Viljoen Vice President
Johann Strauss Treasurer
Kobus Human CMVO & Veterans Liaison
Willoughby Brits Enablement Officer
Jannie Kotze Membership secretary
Justus Rothman Ombudsman
Herman Palm Communications

finance, Governance and audit committee – Group

The Finance, Governance and Audit committee, which consist of NEC Members, deals with risk management, corporate governance, internal and external audit, accounting policies and financial reporting.

Ken Viljoen Chairman
Johann Strauss Treasurer
Theo Kleinhans NEC Member
Mark Gevers Co-Opted Member


Johan McAlpine Chairman
Johann Strauss National Treasurer
Vacant Events & Fund Raising
Willoughby Brits Enablement Fund & Memorabilia
Martin Van Rensburg NEC Member
Herman Palm PRO & Communication
Andre van Niekerk NEC Member



Membership & Canopy committee

Jannie Kotze Chairman
Mike McWilliams President
Johann Strauss Treasurer
Ken Viljoen NEC Member
Vacant Vetting Member

CMVO & veterans laision committee

Kobus Human Chairman
Mike McWilliams President
Willoughby Brits NEC Member
Vacant DMV Benefits Manager



SAnDF laision committee

Mynhardt Marais National Liaison- SANDF
Kobus Human NEC Member
Martin Jansen v Rensburg NEC Member



Board structures

The Boards of both companies meets at least three times a year, consists of members who represent the Board elected by the National Executive Council, and serve for a period of two years. They can make themselves available for re-election thereafter.




National Founding Patron Ronnie Claassen
Non-Executive Chairman Mike McWilliams
Executive Director &Company Secretary Ken Viljoen
Financial Director Johann Strauss
Enablement Fund Director Willoughby Brits
Non – Executive Director Theo Kleinhans
Non – Executive Director Martin van Rensburg

pVO – (pty) Ltd directors 2018-2019



Non-Executive Chairman Mike McWilliams
CEO & Memorabilia Director Willoughby Brits
Company Secretary/Director Ken Viljoen
Financial Director Johann Strauss
Project & Fund Raising Director Johann MacAlpine
Non-Executive Director Martin van Rensburg



Board Committees for NPC & PTY

finance, Governance and audit committee – Group

The Finance, Governance and Audit committee, which consist of directors, deals with issues relating to risk management, corporate governance, internal and external audit, accounting policies and financial reporting.

Ken Viljoen Chairman
Johann Strauss Financial Director
Theo Kleinhans Director
Mark Gevers Co-Opted Member

enablement fund committee – NPC

The committee is to generate funds, to manage and administer the distribution and allocation of such funds for this purpose in association with recognised Veteran organisations and government bodies. It must comply with specific rules procedures and guidelines when approving applications.

Willoughby Brits Chairman
Ken Viljoen Director
Theo Kleinhans Director
Johann Strauss Director
Vacant Vetting Officer

memorabilia committee – services (pty) ltd

Willoughby Brits Chairman
Mike McWilliams Director
Johann Strauss Director