Established – In August 2015 Bay Canopy started by Pete Laubscher in consultation with Ken Viljoen while the PVO was being formed. Not having any idea of any other chaps in Port Elizabeth and surrounds that were qualified Paratroopers the initial forming of the Canopy problematic. Pete then decided to post a request for all Port Elizabeth Parabats on the 1 Parachute Battalion Facebook site requesting the chaps to make contact. The initial response was slow as many chaps were not on Facebook. Word and mouth then did its usual spread and contact was made with approximately 16 qualified Parabats residing in the City. Initially the first meeting was held at a private home where an initial core of 8 Parabats attended.

Committee Members
Chairman: André Van Niekerk
Vice Chairman: Renton Atkinson
Secretary: Clint Rieder
Treasurer: Clint Rieder
Memorabilia: Ken Nosworthy
Entertainment: Jan Volschenk

Contact Detail
André van Niekerk – 083 652 9826 / 041 372 2338.

24 Qualified Paratroopers as paid up members
3 Honouree members. Mrs Rachel Human (Skillie Human’s widow), Jackie Marlow (Derek Marlow’s widow), Mark Taunton RLI

Canopy Meetings
We meet every 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Outspan Shellhole and enjoy a few noggins prior to and after our meeting.

Canopy Meeting Address
Off Kraga Kama rd,left at the Railway line.