Enablement Fund


1.   Purpose of the PVO Enablement Fund

1.1 Essentially, the wellbeing of all Parabats and their families is our primary concern. Many of us are reaching the age where retirement and redundancy become threats to our continued welfare. Some of us have been suffering under the strain of wounds and disabilities sustained during our years as soldiers as well as suffered after our military service ended.

1.2 All these people need help and support in their daily lives, sometimes of a temporary nature and at times on going. This support is not happening to any great degree and the PVO aims to, over time, rectify this.

1.3 The PVO Enablement Fund is a budgeted fund made available to parabats and their families, by applications who are struggling financially due to unforeseen circumstances. Its receipts consist primarily of contributions from the Parabat community and donors,

1.4 Its expenses consist of funds disbursed for its intended purposes at the direction of the committee of the PVO Enablement Fund

2.   Community Farming

2.1 In order to assist our veteran Parabat brothers the Enablement Fund would like to establish community farming around the country.

2.2 This is a commune style farm/ community where the members /participants live and offer their services in return for accommodation, daily stipend and training or skills development.

2.3 Rural Integrated Aquaculture Farming (a proposed project in the pipeline):

2.3.1 The Aquaculture Farming is designed to train veteran unemployed parabats to operate as an entity.

2.3.2 Farming will initially start growing fish and vegetables on a phased scale.

2.4 The idea is to establish a farm that can not only provide goods and services but train, re- skill, up skill but also be self-sufficient and a temporary home to the Parabat veterans and families that find themselves in a perilous situation.

2.5 The project will initially be dependent on funding from donors, predominantly in the business sector, DTI and CMVO, but from various fund raising initiatives, until the community farming (kibbutz) becomes self-sustainable

2.6 The philosophy of “if you give a person a fish you feed them for one meal, however, if you teach them to fish you feed them for life” applies in this instance.

2.7 The intention is for the project to be managed by the NPC board committee.

3.   PVO Entrepreneurs Centre

3.1 Part of the Enablement Fund’s strategy is to establish a PVO Entrepreneurs Centre in the proposed community farming). This centre will:

3.1.1 Provide skills training and development opportunities to the unemployed parabats and their families.

3.1.2 Be a place where they have access to ITC facilities.

3.1.3 Be incubators for aspiring businesses and a centre for employment facilitation.

3.1.4 The purpose of our Community PVO Entrepreneurs Centre is to lift themselves from poverty, to a place of hope.

3.2 Setting up costs for the 1st year is estimated to be + R 250,000, but may be much less dependent on existing facilities. Although the PVO Entrepreneurs Centre will need seed monetary support and set-up costs, it is designed to be financially independent within 3 years from start up.

 Oversight and Accountability

1.   Committee.

1.1 The committee will be known as the PVO Enablement Fund Committee.

1.2 A minimum of three (3) members including the chair, of this Committee will come from the NPC board of directors

1.3 Minimum of (3) members including the chair, of this Committee will be responsible for reviewing/screening the applications of members applying for assistance.

1.4 While the Chair and the Committee are ultimately accountable to the Board of Directors, the Chair may make decisions to disburse monies from the Fund, subject to the guidelines herein, without involving the Board of Directors.

1.5 The Chair and the PVO Enablement Fund Committee will give a detailed account of all requests and disbursements to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

2.   PVO Enablement Fund Committee

2.1 Each PVO Enablement Fund Committee member serves at the appointment of the Chair of the Enablement Fund Committee for a term of two (2) year(s).

2.2 Restriction on the number of consecutive years a member may serve on the Committee being six (6) as per the PVO constitution.

2.3 The Committee shall consist of a maximum of ten (10) members, to include the Financial Director, Company Secretary and NPC Board Directors.

2.4 Each member of the Committee must sign a “Confidentiality” Agreement.

3.   Sources of Income for the Fund

3.1 All PVO Enablement funds come from revenues generated primarily by funds raised, donations and PVO canopy members contributions, designated to the PVO Enablement Fund.

3.2 Contributions to the PVO Enablement Fund may be earmarked or otherwise designated for a particular purpose or individual.

3.3 Although Enablement Fund Committee members may designate their contributions to the overall PVO Enablement Fund, the NPC Board discourages the practice of giving to the PVO Enablement Fund in lieu of giving to the Enablement Fund Committee’s general fund.

3.4 Enablement Fund Committee leadership may choose, at its discretion, to decline certain contributions that are designated or earmarked.

3.5 In order to comply with SARS regulations concerning charitable contributions, all contributions to the PVO Enablement Fund must be unconditional and without personal benefit to the donor.

3.6 To implement a global PVO fund generating debit order system:

3.6.1 To utilise similar funding strategies currently operating in the market

3.6.2 A formal funding generating system on a monthly/annual basis

3.6.3 All funds will be deposited in the registered Non Profit PVO Company banking account, which is fully audited by our auditors.

3.6.4 PVO Members will be a significant contributor. Keeping contributions low is important and no member should be excluded. Inability to afford contributions indicates a member who may be in need.

3.6.5 If tax-deductible, this must be communicated and donation certificates produced annually.

3.7 Advertising Revenue.

3.7.1 The value of advertising on social media should be marketed and members should be encouraged to visit the site regularly and to be aware of advertisers and make a point of supporting those who support us.

3.7.2 Other than paid adverts, all members or their immediate family involved in any business, which can benefit from exposure on the PVO social media sites should be encouraged to do so.

3.7.3 Batchat and the Social media sites to have a section advertising services and products from the members: Example needing a plumber in a town, should be as simple as typing “plumber” into the search block, and checking in the list supplied whether there are any in your area, then contacting  the party. Here members must understand that while we expect to pay usual or perhaps preferential rates, we expect service or products worthy of a Paratroopers pride! While this will be part of a basic contribution, it would be positive if members who derive significant benefit from the site made voluntary donations.

3.7.4 Advertising and promotions will pivot around key areas such as media advertising, the PVO GROUP cyber sites, national military, and events. The key strategies are:  Continuing to develop an effective and appropriate media image and presence that is directed towards the Enablement Fund programmes.  Expanding the current overall communications strategy that makes use of television, radio, the press, and internet media. The PVO GROUP will continue to deliver value to the general public, media, sponsors, suppliers and official bodies through:  Ensuring exposure and visual presence for the Parabats and donors.  Demonstrating the ability to generate additional revenue.  Maintaining a highly developed and comprehensive national PVO database, with accurate and reliable information about every Parabat and his family in the programme, which may be made available on request.  Maintaining a regular flow of press releases. These will be based on actual Enablement Fund programmes, and thereby give the donors, sponsors and governing bodies’ active media coverage.  Continuing to update the cyber sites regularly, making full use of it as a major promotional channel and a convenient means of maintaining a national and worldwide presence. These channels will be used not only as an information conduit on the programmes, but also as a major promotional channel for the donors and sponsors.


The Board of Directors of the NPC will considered the most appropriate policy for investing funds. The Fund sometimes needs to react quickly to particular emergencies and will have a policy of keeping any surplus liquid funds in short-term deposits which can be readily accessed.

4.   Eligibility

Only parabats and their families may qualify to receive assistance from the PVO Enablement Fund; and the member preferably must have received the approval of a Canopy executive prior to the date of the application request.

4.1   General Guidelines

4.1.1  The PVO Enablement Fund is intended as a source of last resort, to be used only after the Parabat and his family requesting assistance has explored all other possibilities of help from family, friends, savings, or investments.

4.1.2  The PVO Enablement Fund is not a lender of last resort (must not be compared to a banking institution)


5.1 The PVO Enablement Fund Committee will govern the amount of assistance offered according to the limit in place at the time of request.

5.2 This limit will be determined every January by the PVO Enablement Fund Committee, with the NPC board.

5.3 In very unusual circumstances, households and individuals who are in need of substantial funds and who have the opportunity to make a life-changing decision may continue to be assisted up to whatever limit the PVO Enablement Committee agrees to

5.4 Fund Committee and the Chair deem appropriate. However, such cases must be reviewed carefully and additional accountability must be sought from the NPC Board of Directors.

5.5 Monetary support from the PVO Enablement Fund should not be made in the form of a cash loan. The granting of such support must be strictly monitored and if approved under following conditions:

5.5.1 Application must state very clearly, why the funds are required.

5.5.2 The current need for monetary support must provide full disclosure regarding his or her financial information. This is recorded on the Application form. Additional financial disclosers are necessary in order to maintain eligibility for the program. Strict confidentiality is maintained in order to provide assistance in the most dignified manner

5.5.3 All receipts must be submitted to the committee proving on what the monetary support was spent on

5.5.4 Recipients should be informed that this is only a once off, any further assistance in this manner will be considered only in very special circumstances.

5.5.5 If recipients spend funds on personal luxuries, alcohol or drugs, recipients name will be published in the media.  The above amounts would only be paid out against an invoice or approved third party.

5.6 However, if the recipient desires to give to the Enablement Fund Committee later, the recipient is encouraged to give directly to the general fund of the Enablement Fund Committee.

5.7 While not a requirement for every situation, a member requesting assistance may be asked to receive financial counselling.

5.8 The PVO Enablement Fund Committee may deny help to anyone who, in its estimation, will have negative or irresponsible behaviour reinforced by such financial help.

5.9 A member requesting help must be willing to give the PVO Enablement Fund Committee permission to follow up on any of the information provided to the Committee. The Committee will be sensitive to confidential issues.

6.   Need Categories

6.1 The stated purpose of the PVO Enablement Fund is to meet people’s basic needs. This section lists some of the most basic needs, or circumstances, under which financial assistance may be disbursed from the Fund:

6.1.1  Food

6.1.2  Medical treatment (including prescription drugs medically necessary for the treatment of an illness or injury)

6.1.3  Transportation to or from a place of employment

6.1.4 Assistance with funeral expenses may be considered for members, the spouses & children of members and for individuals for whom the member was “caretaker”.

6.1.5  Mortgages & Rents

6.1.6  Utilities (lights, gas, water) – cell phones*, pagers & cable TV are not eligible expenses (*Phones may be considered on a case by case basis)

6.1.7  Financial assistance for counselling will be considered if it is perceived that counselling would directly enable the individual to address a current financial situation. In such cases, the Committee will consult with the Chair to determine a specific amount.

6.1.8 Legal fees – only in exceptional and very specific cases

6.1.9 Monetary support as defined in paragraph five (5)

6.2 Although not all inclusive, below is a list of some needs that may not be met by the Benevolence Fund

6.2.1  School expenses (i.e. tuition or fees), Exceptions can be made when an individual has had to use a credit card in a crisis or emergency (e.g., hospitalization, death, etc.)

6.2.2 Needs of individuals who are wanted by the law or for paying fines as a result of breaking the law

6.2.3  Penalties related to late payments or irresponsible actions

6.2.4 Private school fees or tuition

6.2.5 Business ventures or investments

7.   Formulation


7.1.1 Situation analyse, identify the person and situation, complete application form

7.1.2 Immediate help

7.1.3 Food packets

7.1.4 Medicines

7.1.5 Medical assistance

7.1.6 Obtain employment, start a small business, “learn how to catch a fish”.

7.1.7 Vehicle rent and later have own branded vehicle available

7.1.8 Housing and land in each province.

7.1.9 Spiritual help and social services available

7.1.10 Working in synergy with other veterans organisations

7.1.11  Debt counselling

7.1.12  Financial Institutions

7.1.13  Consultants

7.1.14  Sustainability

7.1.15  Recruitment, Recruitment and small Business is imperative

7.1.16 Wills

7.1.17 Moths, Study their achievements and challenges

8.   Different Pillars of the Enablement Fund

8.1 Welfare, Church , Assurance of Faith , Funerals

8.2 Finance

8.3 Recruitment network

8.4 Legal

8.5 Business

8.6 Farm, Housing, shelter

8.7 Medical – Doctors , pharmacist , psychologist

8.8 International

8.9 Old age homes

8.10    Schools

The PVO Enablement Fund Committee will govern the amount of assistance offered according to the limit in place at the time of request. This limit will be determined every January by the PVO Enablement Fund Committee, in conjunction with the Chair. In very unusual circumstances, households and individuals who are in need of substantial funds and who have the opportunity to make a life-changing decision may continue to be assisted up to whatever limit the PVO Enablement

9.   Disbursement of the Funds

All disbursements from the PVO Enablement Fund shall be made directly to the party or entity to whom payment is due (Where possible no funds will be given directly to the Parabat and his family requesting the assistance).

10. Process of Applying for Assistance

Parabat and Family members seeking assistance from the PVO Enablement Fund should take the following steps:

10.1  Obtain a “PVO Enablement Request Application” from the Enablement Fund Committee office.

10.2    The application must be completed fully; with all supporting documentation attached, and returned to the Enablement Fund Committee office, (Incomplete applications will not be processed).

10.3    The application will be reviewed by the PVO Enablement Fund Committee. The Committee may contact the applicant for additional information or to schedule a meeting. The Committee may also contact utility companies, landlords, etc. to verify need.

10.4    The applicant will be informed of the status of his/her application no later than seven (7) business days from the Committee’s receipt of the completed application. Exceptions can be made if the request is of an urgent nature.

10.5    If the Committee determines that the applicant is eligible for assistance, it will make the applicant aware of the conditions of approval.