Inaugeration Date – Monday, 02 February 2015

Committee Members

Chairman  – Allan Montile 

Vice-Chairman  – Peter Campion 

Secretary  – Kevin Rhodes 

Treasurer  – Lezane Steenkamp

Master At Arms  – Frans Marais 

Legal  – Kevin Mullins 

Communications  – Steve Camp 

Social and Welfare  – Mike van Rooyen 

Marketing and Apparel  – Fritz Schreiber 

Contact details

Total: 74

Honourary Members
Maj. Genl Chris Le Roux, Padre Robert Moore, Jack Greef (HC), Paul Engelbrecht (HC)

Canopy meetings
1st Monday of each Month

Meetings Held at
Highway Shellhole, 2 Montrose Ave, Hillcrest, Kwa Zulu – Natal