Nomad Canopy Overview 2020


The Nomad Canopy (NOM) is a virtual entity, providing a home for South African military jump qualified
veterans who wish to stay in touch with the South African military parachute fraternity, but who may not
be able to participate in regular monthly meetings as the other eight PVO-affiliated canopies do.
Initially the Canopy existed within the PVO National organisation with membership fees paid directly into
the PVO account.
In April 2019 the Canopy elected its first management committee and opened an own bank account. We
became a fully-fledged independent canopy affiliated with the PVO.
By October 2019 the Canopy had grown to the biggest of the PVO-affiliated canopies and received the
G-Coy 81-82 Floating Trophy as best Canopy of the year.
Nomads also contribute to the activities of the PVO at national level (Annexure B).
The Nomad canopy subscribes to the Parabat Veterans Organization (PVO) Constitution


The Nomads continue to focus on membership growth and to provide a vehicle for South African
paratroopers around the world to remain in contact with the South African paratrooper fraternity.
In late 2019 the canopy management team implemented an approach to have quarterly canopy
management team meetings in the different provinces of South Africa and inviting all Bats from the
surrounding areas to join in informal gatherings where the meetings take place.
The management team continues to focus on:
• Governance within the canopy,
• Membership,
• Paratrooper support.
The Nomad Canopy recognises that various groupings exist within the paratrooper fraternity:
• Rooiplaas
• Airborne Riders Motorcycle Club (ARMC)
• Various Coy-group affiliations as active military duty
• Several groups active within the social media environment.
The Canopy welcomes all paratrooper veterans irrespective of historical affiliations.
Through its affiliation to the PVO, who in turn is the only paratrooper veteran’s organisation recognised
by the Council for Military Veterans Organisations (CMVO), the Nomad Canopy strives towards unity
within the veteran’s environment.

Governance within the Canopy

During April 2019 Nomads were requested to submit nominations for appointment of a canopy management team.
The first Nomad Canopy management committee for the 2019 – 2021 term was elected in May 2019.
First meeting took place on 25 May 2019 in Ermelo.

Chairman – Deon Benadé
Vice-chairman and Treasurer – Dirk Conradie
Secretary – Naas Grové
Recruitment – Attie van Niekerk
Additional members – Dave Swanepoel, Dirk van de Wall, Hendrik Bosman