G Coy 81/82 Canopy purchases and donates a 14 carat gold filled St Christopher Paratrooper medallion, as per the attached photos and description of the said medallion.

The medallion would be auctioned off/offered on a lucky draw basis with a view to raising funds for the PVO. The cost of each lucky draw ticket would amount to R50.

G Coy 81-82 Canopy would administer this initiative.

The process would be as follows:

1) The purchaser of a ticket pays the R50 per ticket into the G Coy 81/82 bank account and provides his   cell phone number as his reference, for the lucky draw.

2) As soon as the transaction has been processed by the G coy 81-82 bank account, an sms notification will be sent to the payer, as proof of receipt and that a ticket, or as many R50 tickets as have been paid for, have been allocated to his cell phone number , into the lucky draw.

3) Each such R50 ticket, shall be sequentially numbered and referenced to the purchaser’s cell phone number e.g. G001-0828553046

4) After the closing date, by which funds have to have been received and tickets allocated, a single set of tickets to be printed and cut into 2 cm x 10 cm tickets with name and cell number of donator, and placed into sealed container.

5) The lucky draw will take place on 30 September 2017, on the evening of the St Michaels celebration.

6) The closing date referred to in 4) above shall be 28 September 2017

The intent is that at least 500 tickets of R50 each will be sold.

Subject to approval by the PVO Executive, in order to recover potential costs, G Coy81-82 would be entitled to receive a 10% commission on the total ticket sales. If all 500 tickets are sold, then the PVO shall receive an inflow of funds, amounting to R22500.00.

G Coy 81-82, suggests that the funds so collected on behalf of the PVO, be exclusively utilisable, at the discretion of the PVO Executive, for purposes of the funding of the AGM, the St Michael’s Day celebrations and the management costs pertaining to the PVO EXECUTIVE members.


This initiative would be publicised and marketed on the PVO Facebook page and website, as well as via the various PVO Canopies.

Best regards

The G Coy 81-82 Executive





ACC NO: 2010957253